Medical Update: I’m Burning Up

The good news is the pain from my operation is getting much better; I hardly think about it. Bad news is that I hardly think about it because I’ve had high fever since Thursday.

After a discussion with my doctor’s office about whether I should be re-admitted to hospital on Friday we decided the fever is most likely not related to the operation. I probably got it from Tim who had 101 fever the day I returned from the hospital.

I knew I should not have let him kiss me goodbye when they wheeled me away on the stretcher towards the operating room. He was highly contagious at that moment!

All joking aside, it certainly did not help that Tim and my mom were both pretty sick with fever/cold respectively when I got back from the hospital.

Today has been challenging. The energy I felt post-surgery is gone and I’m groping for anything that will stop this feeling like my body is an ache-fest and that the thought of walking from the bed to the bathroom requires four-alarm fire assistance.

I don’t want a thing to eat. The only think I am craving is John Stewart. Heard the other night he said Anderson Cooper’s head-bashing was the last straw now with Egypt.

I also crave People Magazine so I can’t be that sick. Just Googled “People Magazine” and found out J-Lo is invited to the White House super bowl party tomorrow. That made my day.

Any good vibes you could send my way would be appreciated.

God Bless America. (I have no idea why I wanted to say that – I’ve either overdosed on too much Tylenol again or maybe Reagan’s 100th birthday celebration this weekend has got me thinking???).

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